Hill Quality

Manufacturing Quality

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the identification records required in the operation of the quality management system. Quality records include inspection reports, certificate of conformance, calibration results, supplier / subcontractor assessment reports, quote (contract review) form, corrective action reports, training records, internal audit reports and management review meeting minutes. Quality records are legible and identifiable to the product or process concerned as appropriate. Quality records are stored and maintained in a manner that provides ready access, minimize deterioration or damage and prevents loss.


Quality records are retained per the Hill quality records procedure and will be made available to customers (as appropriate) to resolve issues or provide information


Internal Quality Audits

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of periodic Quality System Audits to assess the effective implementation of the document quality system as described in this Quality manual and referenced documentation. Audit frequency is determined by the results of previous audits and the significance of individual system activities; but none is audited less than once per year. Audits include an assessment of the activities as described in Hill documented procedures intended to support the requirements established in this Quality Manual. Audits are performed by qualified personnel/ Auditors are not required or assigned to audit processes or functions in which they are directly involved in or have substantial responsibility for. Results of audits are documented, reviewed, corrective / preventive actions determined (if necessary), responsibilities assigned, dates determined, and follow-up audit schedules determined as required. Internal audit reports are used by management to review the continued effectiveness of the quality assurance system.


The Manufacturing Q.C. Inspection and Test Systems Process Flow Chart